Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Vampire Awakens

Katherine Harris (remember the vote-count stopper responsible for Bush's first judicially decided pseudo-win?) is now resurfacing and ready to collect the spoils for being the stooge responsible for this entire Bush debacle. The vampire awakens to make the move to Washington and wield her schizoid power to cause even more destruction. Keep a close watch on this one...she's poised for infamy.


SARASOTA, Florida (AP) -- Rep. Katherine Harris began her campaign for Senate on Tuesday, saying among the issues she plans to address are homeland security and health care.

The Republican, best known for her role as Florida's then-secretary of state during the 2000 presidential recount, is trying to unseat Democrat Bill Nelson, who will be seeking his second Senate term in November 2006.

In her formal announcement, Harris offered a glance at several issues she said she will target, including taxes, homeland security, health care and hurricane assistance.

"After an extended listening tour which begins today, I will fully outline my agenda for Florida -- a road map for change that remains heavy on security and light on taxes; strong on defense but even stronger for those who man our defense; for health care not limited by cost or availability; and relief for those in trouble that bridges every storm while harboring no excuse for delay," Harris said.

Elected to the House in 2002, she declined to run for an open Senate seat while President Bush was on the 2004 ballot because some Republican strategists feared she might cost him votes in Florida. Instead, she was elected to her second House term.

Harris, 48, may have a clear shot at Nelson. No other Republicans have expressed a strong interest in running.

Florida House Speaker Allan Bense said last week he won't challenge her for the GOP nod, saying he believes a campaign would take away from his commitment to the House. The White House and other top Republicans had encouraged Bense to get into the race.

Even with an opponent, Harris would be considered a favorite to win the nomination because of her high name recognition and ability to raise money.

CNN, Aug 9


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