Friday, July 15, 2005

Rove Endangers America

The line of bull becomes even more unbelievable, as if that were possible. Rove now says he was trying to "warn" reporters away from reporting on Wilson's statements to the effect that Iraq had not indeed sought uranium from Niger--statements that proved to be true. Are we supposed to believe that Karl Rove is the good samaritan simply looking out for reporters, acting in their best interest. The same people who believe all this (if they have bothered to follow this story at all) are the same group of people who still think that Iraq and Saddam Hussein had anything to do with the demonic events of Sept. 11.

Now Rove says he "turned over the e-mail as soon as prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into who leaked Plame's covert work for the CIA.

He later told a grand jury the e-mail was consistent with his recollection that his intention in talking with Cooper that Friday in July 2003 wasn't to divulge Plame's identity but to caution Cooper against certain allegations Plame's husband was making, according to legal professionals familiar with Rove's testimony.

They spoke only on condition of anonymity because of the secrecy of the grand jury investigation.

Rove sent the e-mail shortly before leaving the White House early for a family vacation that weekend, already aware that another journalist he had talked with, syndicated columnist Robert Novak, was planning an article about Plame and Wilson.

Rove also knew that then-CIA Director George Tenet planned later that same day to issue a dramatic statement that took responsibility for some bad Iraq intelligence but that also called into question some of Wilson's assertions, the legal sources said.

The AP reported Thursday that Rove acknowledged to the grand jury that he talked about Plame with both Cooper and Novak before they published their stories but that he originally learned about the operative's identity from the news media, not government sources." (SF Gate)

Whether Rove learned about Plame's identity from the news media matters not a whit. This makes no sense regardless, because Novak was the first to reveal Plame's identity. How could Rove have found out Plame's identity from the news media if the story by Novak had yet to be written. It's plain to anyone paying attention that Rove revealed her identity as payback for Wilson's comments against the rationale that was used to declare war on Iraq.

If Rove revealed her identity in any way, even if he did not speak her name, even if only by a confirmation, he has committed a huge crime given our nation's efforts in the worldwide fight against terrorist activity. Thus, the same people who profess they are protecting us, flagrently violate the laws that preserve our national security. If a common citizen had done the same he or she would probably face life imprisonment and lifelong public infamy.


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