Saturday, December 04, 2004

Quick Reality-Based Points to Use when Forced to Speak with Bush Supporters, Repeat as Necessary

--The claim that any opposition to Bush’s policies is somehow anti-American is a viewpoint that is in itself anti-American. As citizens of a nation that elects its leaders, questioning the motives of our elected leaders is the definitive American act.

--To blindly follow the leadership of our nation, when that leadership consistently commits grave errors that jeopardize our security and freedom is not only unpatriotic but also extremely dangerous.

--Because of the United States’ two-party system, Republicans and Democrats have routinely worked together to pass bipartisan legislation. Therefore, the success and failures of American foreign policy falls of the shoulders of both parties, because neither party has been consistently more "correct" or moral. Opposition to this idea demonstrates a fundamental ignorance of the political processes of the United States.

--In relation to the Iraq war, no weapons of mass destruction have yet been found. This was the sole motive given as the reason for the US military presence in Iraq.

--It is not without logic to make the comparison between the Iraq war and America’s involvement in the Vietnam war. Both conflicts involve the use of traditional military force against a guerrilla-style insurgency of indigenous peoples.


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