Saturday, December 04, 2004

Falluja Chemicals Story Meaningless

CNN's recent regurgitation of a story that weapons labs were found in Falluja is evidence that the US will try anything to justify their attack on this rebel stronghold. What happened in Falluja? Why is the US military now so intent on repeating a story about a table full of chemicals in a basement of someone's house? Are we supposed to believe that these chemicals are the WMDs that justified that invasion of a sovereign nation?

Is CNN, along with Fox News, merely a mouthpiece for the Bush Administration?

When Colin Powell went before the UN to drum up support for the Iraq war he held up small vials and explained that certain small quantities of toxic agents if distributed properly could be responsible for thousands of deaths in a major city. Are we to believe that a table full of chemicals (cyanide mainly) could be manipulated to inflict thousands of deaths? This is not only impossible scientifically but there also was no evidence of any of the safeguards that would have to exist for handlers to manipulate these toxins without themselves being contaminated. No HazMat hooded jumpsuits, etc.

Whoever worked in that basement with those chemicals was not a chemist or a professional and therefore this is not any sign of an Iraqi weapons program. This suggests that these terrorists probably obtained these chemicals on the black market....a black market that probably barely existed until after the fall of Hussein.

Hans Blix, former UN chief weapons inspector said that he will be "surprised" if a chemical laboratory found in Iraq was capable of creating weapons.

"Let's see what the chemicals are," Mr. Blix said, after an Iraqi minister claimed on Thursday that a chemical bomb factory was found in Fallujah.

"Many of these stories evaporate when they are looked at more closely," he said.

"If there were to be found something, we would all be surprised."

--Daily Kos, Dec 4


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