Saturday, November 06, 2004

Don't Give Up on America

Without a paper trail, a recount cannot be conducted. If official Florida results showed a close race, a recount would have been a legal nightmare that would have eclipsed what happened in 2000. *The bigger the lie, the more people believe.* The margin in Florida was too great for a recount. Was this a matter of convenience?

The fourth piece of evidence: the demographics of increased voter turnout. Typically in a presidential election, lefty voters show a greater increase in turnout than Republican It's as if, in this election, the majority of anti-Bush newly turned-out voters across the nation voted for Bush. Hmm. This is a piece of evidence, admittedly, that has yet to materialize. The massive increase in voter registrations since 2000 were primarily Democrat, but Rove & Co. built an impressive 72-hour get-out-the-Bush-vote grassroots campaign, designed to contact all unlikely Republican voters three times in 72 hours, one interpersonal. In the coming says we should be able to get the statistics, however, and know whether there is something here in the increased turnout.

Finally, there is no evidence to the contrary, that electronic voting was not biased. There is no way that contrary evidence can be demonstrated. In fact, it's illegal to demonstrate such validity.

40 million electronic votes. Poof. Just like that. Out comes a president.

So don’t give up on America. Protect your right to vote. You can fight for election paper trails, and fight for validation of electronic voting regardless of the margin of outcome between candidates. You can start by fighting for H.R.2239 and S.1980, stalled bills which would amend the Help America Vote Act of 2002 by requiring a voter-verified permanent record or hardcopy of all electronic votes. You can also educate yourself about the problems of electronic voting and educate others. Or if you've the stomach for it, you can also practice civil disobedience: find those electronic machines, drag 'em out, pull 'em apart, and find out how they work.


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