Sunday, November 14, 2004

Buried Beneath the Lies

What could be more important than our national security? Republicans are about to start their campaign to convince the American people that the Constitution should be amended to allow foreigners to hold the highest office in the land--president. Does it need to be restated why this is a bad idea? If anything, the world is more dangerous right now than it has ever been. Why are Republicans so eager to cast aside a law that ensures the safety of the American people? Money.

Soon it will become quite clear that Republicans are much more interested in money than the safety of the American people. The debt of the state of California is bigger than ever before. Schwarzenegger has done nothing to balance the budget of the state of California. This was merely a ploy to oust a Democrat from office and it worked wonderfully. Gov. Schwarzenegger's real plan is to take control of America.

These power-hungry politicians who are merely interested in making money have used the good will of the American people in the most cynical way. They've hijacked America. Try to discover the truth buried beneath the lies!


Californians will soon see advertisements urging them to help give Schwarzenegger and other foreign-born citizens the chance to run for president.

The cable television ads, set to being running Monday, are from a Silicon Valley-based group that wants to amend the U.S. Constitution, which limits the presidency to people born in the United States. Schwarzenegger was born in Austria but became a U.S. citizen in 1983.

"You cannot choose the land of your birth. You can choose the land you love," Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones says in the ads.

She is a San Francisco Bay area mutual fund manager and major Schwarzenegger campaign donor who is helping pay for the ads and created a companion Web site.

Schwarzenegger, 57, has said he would consider running for president if the Constitution allowed but has not pushed for a constitutional change.

The TV ads mark the first significant attempt to build public support for an amendment. While polls show Schwarzenegger remains popular with voters, the idea of a constitutional change is not.

Four proposed amendments are circulating in Congress, but none has advanced. Constitutional amendments require congressional approval and ratification by 38 states.


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