Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Gallup: Karl Rove's Best Friend

"Gallup and other pollsters who refuse to weight their samples for party identification say that weighting samples to reflect demographic and census data is more reliable than using party ID as a factor. Yet after looking closely at the demographic breakdown of the sample that Gallup used to reach their conclusions, it becomes clear that Gallup has become the in-house pollster for Karl Rove and the GOP's view of how the American voting populace should look. Why?

Because according to Gallup's poll this week, they expect the electorate to be 85% white, 41% conservative while only 19% liberal, and a third to make over $75,000 per year."

Don't let the roving pollsters affect your mood. The huge understated votes of the 18-25 crowd, Hispanic voters, and African Americans
are the landslide--a true "silent" majority. These people are going to swamp the vote November 2 and Bush and Co. are cowering right now--trust me.


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