Thursday, October 14, 2004

America AD

The third, and final, debate was information packed to be sure, but no "new" information seeped through the candidates' platitudes. Of course, Kerry's rationale seems more logical, as Bush relies on his seemingly heartfelt good-ole-boy hucksterism to try to win over voters who are as yet undecided. That this nebulous group of undecideds even exists defies all logic, because Bush's record is unmistakably horrendous. Many a comment I've heard remarks upon the fact that Bush has "at least done something." Proof that this nation is not making an intellectual decision resides in the fact that the apathetic multitudes celebrate that "someone" has merely done "something." That the US President must make incredibly difficult decisions that fence in policy makers so that in fact all options are equally evil is called "realpolitik". No matter then that we are the nation that armed and funded not only Saddam Hussein but also the Taliban--thus the US created the enemies that we are now so bent on destroying. Our borders with Mexico and Canada are wide open, the current administration fails to keep assault weapons off the street, and now today news arrives that Iraq's nuclear weapons labs were systematically plundered after the invasion by US troops. One would think that it would be priority number one to secure those weapons sites. Inspectors found that heavy equipment was used to dismantle the buildings after the looting of the nuclear labs, yet this is not front page news. I found it interesting that the president who promises to protect the nation's security, and in fact repeats these promises like a mantra, fails on so many levels to provide even our basic security. How many days have passed since September 11, and still merely 5% of all cargo that reaches our seaports are searched?


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