Monday, September 20, 2004

Fade to Black

"So, the CBS memos are "fake"'s necessary to put everything in quotation marks these days. Calling a fax genuine is ridiculous to begin with...genuine fake (facsimile). What's of real import are the questions raised by those pieces of paper. Didn't the Defense Dept. already release information stating that Bush, for all practical purposes, had gone AWOL? So, why was it necessary for parties aligned against Bush to release documents that specific? Because it's just not enough for the American public to learn that the president of the United States is a deserter via word of mouth...they need something much more specific than that...too abstract. We are a practical Puritan lot. Just as Neo-Cons question whether Kerry rightfully "deserved" his Vietnam era medals, medals bestowed on Kerry by the US Navy, the American people, having no knowledge of military protocol, simply dwell on the question itself, the seed has been planted, and look no further to the truth. Duh. The American political landscape circa 2004 consists of the Neo-Cons and their lackeys and on the other side is everyone else. The weakness of the so-called Liberal viewpoint is that taking a "Liberal" stance on any issue means you're suddenly placed in a category with anarchists and lunatics--people with zero political credibility. The media tears into anyone that dares disagree with them like a jackal on carrion. The Conservative camp has their share of crazies too, only difference is this great white nation sides with the gun toting, bible thumpers as an almost knee-jerk reaction to all issues...especially in this post-9/11 atmosphere of paranoia.

Add some kind of born-again, overzealous, fundamentalist, we're right and you're wrong, type of extreme rationalization to this argument, add the military industrial complex that just so happens to be the most deadly on earth and we've got real problems folks. The rest of this is going to play out along the lines of any other Imperialist fracas, check your history books. We'll add more muscle to get the job done, the bodies will pile up, no progress will be made, the fingers will be pointed, and the street riots will break out. Strap yourself in, it's about to get interesting. Try to keep up."

The Chinese have a saying..."may you be cursed to live in interesting times."


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