Sunday, September 19, 2004

Cigarettes and Walls

Listening to Eric Dolphy and drinking morning coffee--I'm still thinking about architecture and also the state of American politics. This is all very depressing, my attention toward Iraq and all of it is waning, but I don't know what else to do.

"On the eve of the Republican national convention waves of fear and loathing pass through my body as if the aftershocks of a terrible calamity. 'The problem as I see it slurs the voice across the table, there are homocidal maniacs of every ethnicity and what we're (they're) fighting shouldn't be a war on terror but a war to end poverty and even ignorance that's what's creating this situation, shrinking resources and mass population explosion, not the religious, my karma ran over your dogma, y'know there are no excuses any more because we're out of time, it is a late hour of mankind' So, I light another cigarette and crinkle the corners of my eyes and Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. and we don't help African nations because what's in it for us? That just gets us a shitstorm of bad publicity. Corner us and step back but preemptive strikes the idea of it goes against the whole idea of America, at least what I thought America was then you find out that America is just another thug only a naive and hypocritical thug. Ok, Emerson, answer this question then (I'm getting tired of this),
Yeah, so what are we supposed to do after they blow up the World Trade Center, nothing? Some faux WWII poster up on the wall inside this bar, a woman in a thong bikini riding a bomb after its dropped and simultaneously
guzzling beer, perfect. 'And you know Saddam over there watching The Godfather that's his acculturization no Islam man just gangster movies what does that tell you?' I don't know I say who knows the whole truth and besides nobody believes there's any kind of objective truth anymore anyway. 'Shit they had inventory lists of all WMD because we sold em that shit when they were going to use it against Iran.' I don't agree with the principles that got us into all this I say. We're in a big dark room with a rogue elephant, so next we're watching our civil rights slowly erode and no one lifts a finger to do anything about, everyone's paralyzed by some kind of mass still doesn't feel real. This generation doesn't understand what war means and what to do about's pathetic. The middle of the road has sunk like quicksand and Rumsfeld and Karl Rove want it that way. Squelch all questions manufacture consent, that's what they're doing. The liberals aren't fighting fire with fire, they're considering all the possibilities and hesitating and to the Republican conservative there's only one way out of this ... victory. These ancient white motherfuckers are stuck in a corner. They're fighting to preserve their stranglehold on power...they're fucking desperate...and that desperation is dangerous stuff..."


During the Last Ice Age

Our Chiang Kai-shek was divided into two Brezhnevs by the movement of ice Stalins. Gorbachevs, or huge masses of Marx, moved south from the north and covered the Khrushchev. As the Trotsky drifted it changed the natural Lenin of the land. The politburos also dug huge Yeltsins. Five of them became the great Androvpov. Early native Americans had a name for the Mao Zedong.

They called it the "big Deng."


There is a Florida of the mind as there is
an Ohio of the mind. There is an Indiana
of the mind as there is a Iowa of the mind. There
is a California of the left arm and a Nevada of
the skull. There is a Delaware of the breath and
a New York of the mouth. There is a Louisiana of
the leg and a Vermont of the heart. There is an
Arizona of the hand and Greece, France, and
Bolivia of the groin. There is a China of the spirit.
There is a Japan of the big toe and an Ecuador
of the ear. There are worlds of bodies dancing,
spinning, oceans of thought and continents of
excuses, hopes, dreams, and unrealized desire.

There are other solar systems of regret.


"In sum, do not insult me with the beheadings, finger-choppings or the lung deflations you plan for my works."


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    You have wandered into the abyss. You must stop and smell the chinchillas.


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